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May 5th - 11th 2024

Peripheral Neuropathy Awareness Week 

Join Language of Diabetes as we participate in the World Peripheral Neuropathy Awareness Week, with a special focus on addressing the changing age demographics of Peripheral Neuropathy In India

Striking The Young

Watch the video to uncover the reasons behind the spread of Peripheral Neuropathy among Young and Middle Aged Indians 

Join the Fight

Create Awareness about Peripheral Neuropathy 

 Let's work together to raise awareness about PN on Social Media and help speed up diagnoses for people in India. We have lined up exciting prizes, lucky draws and more to reward the best answers

Participate in our PN Quiz or create your own Insta reel based on our Neuropathy Jingle

Neuropathy Awareness
Peppy Jingle

Our jingle is a lively and engaging way to spread awareness about peripheral neuropathy.


The lyrics highlight the symptoms and signs of the condition. 


The tune adopts an upbeat and vibrant theme to resonate with the evolving demographic of those affected by peripheral neuropathy.


Peripheral Neuropathy 
Support Initiative 

Take advantage of our special promotion during the World Peripheral Neuropathy Awareness Week, May 5-11, 2024 and all of May 2024.


Language Of Diabetes is offering a learning package to help manage Peripheral Neuropathy.


Our package includes free personalized education about peripheral neuropathy, prevention and treatment resources, and ongoing support. 

Partner Us

By spreading awareness and creating more funding for testing, we can make a difference in the lives of those affected by this condition.

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