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Have Tingling, Numbness, or Burning Sensation in hands/feet?

You might be facing Peripheral Neuropathy (Poor Nerve Health)

Signs and Symptoms

Did You Know?

People With Diabetes Have a Higher Risk Of Peripheral Neuropathy (Poor Nerve Health)

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Are you concerned about the symptoms of Neuropathy as a diabetic? Want to know more about the signs?




Do you ever feel a ‘tingling sensation’, maybe like ants crawling up your skin or your hands and feet suddenly going numb?  


Is there a burning sensation in your hands or feet or does it feel like your hands or feet fall asleep?

Peripheral Neuropathy

You might be experiencing this because of B-Vitamin deficiency leading to nerve damage also known as Peripheral Neuropathy.


The good news is that this condition is manageable and curable. When identified on time you can stop the condition from reaching an irreversible stage.

Sensory    Changes



Question 1

Have you felt any unusual changes in your hands or feet, such as:

  • A prickling feeling?

  • A burning or tingling feeling?

  • A loss of sensation or numbness?

  • Pain or unusual weakness?

Understanding Diabetes and Its Effect on Nerve Health

Diabetics face higher chances of suffering from poor nerve health. If your limbs hurt, burn, tingle, or are numb, these could be signs of nerve issues often associated with diabetes. 

Frequent experiences of these symptoms can be linked to a rise in sugar levels in your body, a consequence of diabetes impacting your nerves.

It's vital to pay attention to these symptoms as they may signify the onset or progression of nerve-related issues.




Question 2

Have you noticed any of these changes in your body:

  • Tending to lose your balance or fall more often?

  • Any change in the way you walk?

  • Are your feet getting puffy or swollen?

  • Pain in your feet when you walk?

Movement  Changes

Understanding Diabetes and Its Effect on Nerve Health

Diabetes may lead to changes in the way you walk and maintain your balance. If you tend to lose your balance, fall more often, experience swollen feet, or feel pain while walking, diabetes may be impacting your muscles and nerves, resulting in what are known as Motor or movement symptoms.

Difficulties like changes in walking patterns, unsteadiness, muscle weakness, or foot swelling may arise due to nerve issues linked to diabetes, impacting your ability to move and perform daily tasks.

Night Time


Question 3

Do you have any of these problems at night:

  • Pain or prickling in your feet gets worse?

  • Trouble sleeping because your arms or legs are uncomfortable?

  • Difficulty feeling the position of your arms or legs when it's dark?

Night Time  Signs

Understanding Diabetes and Its Effect on Nerve Health

You may face increased discomfort due to Diabetes-related changes during the night. Do you experience pain or tingling in your feet at night time or struggle with sleep due to discomfort in your arms and legs? It may indicate that diabetes is impacting your nerves, a condition known as Peripheral Neuropathy.

These issues may intensify during the night, disrupting your sleep. This could be attributed to reduced distractions, cooler temperatures, and the hormonal cycles in our bodies, all of which can heighten the awareness of pain, aches, or burning sensations.

References: Based on Published Medical Literature. All references are on file. For details please connect with us at 


Your Nerves


Dos and Don'ts

  • Dos: Eat balanced meals, maintain an active lifestyle, get regular checkups, manage your sugar levels, and take the right supplements as advised by your healthcare professional.

  • Don'ts: Sit for too long, indulge in excessive sugar intake, ignore the signs and symptoms

Strengthen Your Nerves

  • Vitamin B12 supplements help counter B-vitamins deficiency and improve nerve health which in turn helps reduce the symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy

  • 2 tablets/day of Neurobion Forte help reduce the symptoms of tingling and numbness so that you can feel life. Please visit to know more.


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What is Peripheral Nerve Damage?

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Diabetes and Your Nerve Health


Signs & Symptoms Of Nerve Damage


An Optimal Vitamin Combination

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