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A Sensible Partnership

You have invested your time and resources in developing products and services that have health benefits.


The next step is to offer them to an audience that is interested and needs your products.

People trust products offered through Obesity International and our Act B4 Diabetes prevention program for their quality and the assurance that they indeed deliver health benefits.

A recurring sales opportunity

More than 1 in 6 Indian adults has prediabetes, an eligible candidate for the Act B4 Diabetes program. The high awareness about the debilitating effects of diabetes means that people are more keen than ever before to prevent it.  This just the right opportunity to grow

We service your potential buyers:

Our programs comprise a significant number of corporate employees and those with a high health insurance cover. These are people who can afford your products.


Our members need your products:

Members of the Act B4 Diabetes program are prescribed healthy alternatives and are highly motivated to invest in their health. 


Opportunity to build a long term customer base:

Our members enrol in diabeted prevention programs that last for an year on average and have the potential to be associated for a longer term informally.

There is an easy way to offer your products:

If you are already fulfilling orders through your own website or through any of the ecommerce platforms like Amazon or Flipkart, it is easy to make your products a part of the program.

There are no activation or advertising costs to list your products and services  on our health  platform. Sales fulfillment costs are equivalent or lower than other platforms.
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Benefits of Listing 

One of the key goals of the  Act B4 Diabetes Prevention Program is to offer its members easy access to products and services that can contribute to reversing their risk of diabetes.


By listing on our platforms you will be immediately visible to our member audience and included in our recommendations.

Listing Process and Sales

Below is a checklist to guide you through making the decision to make your products and services available through the Act B4 Diabetes program. Please follow the process to get easy acceptance and priority listings


Find out what meets our standards for listing:

  • Schedule a call with our partnership team.

  • Get information on requirements for Diabetes prevention.


Shortlist the products you would like to list: 

  • Focus on the healthy features in your products.

  • Submit the product listing and display photos on the listing format.

  • Work out the commercials and the logistics with our listing partner.


Finally, you’ll start selling your product to our members.

  • Finalize your pricing and offers and watch your listings go live.

  • Get orders through us and directly from our members as well.

  • Work with us to grow your product portfolio and geographical reach.

What Can You Do Next?

​Join Us As A:

  • Act B4 Diabetes Product Partner
    Free to join, and list. Work with us for joint promotion of your products

  • Act B4 Diabetes Service Partner
    Free to join, and list. Work with us for joint promotion of your products

  • Act B4 Diabetes Company Partner 
    List your product portfolio, Sponsor camps and patient enrolment programs

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